2017 Will Be Different

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For a lot of people, the last few weeks of December include running around, last minute shopping, travel, and entertaining. By themselves, these activities can be fun, but doing so many of them at once can be tiring.

The month that follows, January, is usually a time for planning and purging, white sales and new resolutions. However, if the holidays wore you out, you might find yourself jumping into January with less enthusiasm than you’d like.


Although you can try to push through this post-holiday fatigue, we believe in the value of nourishing yourself. Even if that oxygen-mask analogy is overused, you really do get more energy when you stop to nourish. Your inner well fills up. Taking time out to attend to your own well-being helps you do more with your precious time.


At Simply Blissed, our staff is eager to give you the relaxation and pampering you deserve—especially after a busy holiday season. We set high standards for all our services so that you feel deeply nourished from top to toes. And because our gratuity-free policy started on January 1, now your visits are 100% completely about you. We are excited to show you just how blissed you can be.


Isn’t it time to focus on you? Banish the blahs of January. Call us or visit our website to schedule your next treatment at Simply Blissed. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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