3 gifts to yourself for Mother’s Day

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Dear friends,

Mother’s Day traditionally celebrates selfless maternal care, but if you’re a mom, you know how taxing it is to give so much of yourself. We at Simply Blissed want to offer you encouragement to give three gifts to yourself on this special day.

Permission to just be still.

Between the moment you open your eyes each day and the relief of lying down again at night, life is full. Maybe too full. When you’re constantly doing—moving, working, helping, schlepping, minding, reminding, shopping, cooking, folding, tracking details—it can make you tired.

On this holiday, give yourself permission to stop doing and be still. See what it feels like to just let go. You will still be a wonderful person even if you don’t check off a single thing on your list.

Permission to embrace the perfection you already are.

Sometimes the most tiring thing about life isn’t all the doing, but how you judge yourself as you do it. Having high standards keeps you striving, but it’s unkind to your heart and spirit. Perhaps there’s a perfect mom out there who’s patient, accomplished, fashionable, with perfect, well-mannered kids, but she isn’t you. You’re unique. It’s time to embrace the imperfections.

Find permission to be kind to yourself. To love your imperfections. It’s time to celebrate who you are, not who you “should” be. You are enough, just as you are.

Permission to do something you love.

You know how you say you’ll treat yourself to something fun when last to-do item is checked off the list? Nourishing, silly, playful things you really enjoy? It’s time. You’ve probably noticed that you never get to those things because the to-do list just gets longer.

It’s time to pull the “mom card” on Mother’s Day. It’s your day! Give yourself permission to do what you wa

2-year old Japanese Baby Girl With Carnation Flower on Mother's Day.

nt. Some women leave the family behind and spend time with their girlfriends. Some take the weekend to have an adventure. If you had twenty-four hours with no to-dos or self-criticism, how would you want to spend it?

This Mother’s Day, do at least one thing you love. You deserve to feel joy and aliveness every day, but especially this day. So give yourself permission to take a break and fill up your heart. You’re worth it.

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