3 Springtime ideas for creating new energy in body and spirit

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Dear friends,

There’s so much to love about early spring. You start to see tiny signs of change after a long, wet winter. The light peeks in through the curtains sooner each morning. Everything looks greener and brighter around Salem. Even crocus and daffodils peek up in flower beds.

Create springtime within

As the light returns and the earth wakes up, springtime renewal is on our minds at the spa because we see it happen in our clients every day. We love seeing guests’ smiles brighten, shoulders relax, and when we ask how they’re feeling after their service, a long, deep ahhh escapes. Whether you lie down on a massage table, kick back in a recliner, or bask in our sauna, we strive to bring that springtime quality to every experience.

For us, personal renewal is as much about restoring the body as caring for the spirit. After a treatment, we can see the softness and light in your eyes. This is because you slow down and breathe more deeply here. You can practice this anywhere. Cultivating well-being within helps you feel more like yourself again.


Make time for you

If you’re pulled in many directions in your everyday life, it’s hard to take time to restore. Although setting time aside for yourself takes effort, it’s worth it. When you’re renewed, you’re more able to do good for others. When our guests are treated to time just for themselves, they leave feeling ready to face the world again.


Do things you love

Magonlia and a flower field with daffodils on a sunny spring day

Sometimes your to-do list gets long. Springtime energy comes from doing things that delight you. Getting outdoors to appreciate our local springtime beauty or taking a brisk walk in that rare moment the sun is shining can be a way to re-energize. You might also try our new product with a funny name—fizzofoliant—an effervescent treatment for skin. Getting together with people who make you laugh and relax is another way to bring new renewal to life.

However daunting your to-do list might be, we hope you enjoy the springtime flowers and find time to renew your body and spirit soon.


Your Bliss Awaits . . .

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