An investment in love

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As we begin our new year, we reflect on the people we aspire to be and the values we want to make a priority. We resolve to meet the goals we believe will create more joy, peace and wellness for our lives. We attempt to recover. And just as we are getting back into the swing of things and begin to work on our goals, Valentine’s Day arrives on the scene and another holiday attempts to overtake us with its vast, red displays of chocolate, flowers, candy and giant teddy bears.

All of a sudden, Christmas cheer has been replaced with pink and red hearts and clichés. Our goal setting quickly refocuses on ways to make the ones we love in our lives feel special, and the pressure begins to mount.

Most of us can readily admit that Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized holiday that seems more about candy, cards and floral companies promoting their offerings and less about true heartfelt expressions of love. But instead of simply boycotting Valentine’s Day, why not choose to celebrate in a different way? Let’s enjoy the tenderness that is cultivated in a cherished friendship, the love we share with our families, and the appreciation we have for those we are lucky enough to work in harmony with.

Instead of spending the “Day of Love” showering our favorite people with traditional gifts and expressions that feel obligatory, why not demonstrate how much we value and love them through our actions and words? What if we took the time to consider what expressions of our love will address their deeper needs? How can we can invest in our loved one’s lives so that they can experience a more fulfilling, exciting and blessed day that will improve their well-being?

Some wives would give anything to hear “I love you, thank you for all you do” in addition to coming home to flowers and chocolates. Many moms would rather have an afternoon of peace and serenity without having to take care of the laundry, dishes and kids than open a box containing valuable jewels or fancy chocolates. Do the men in our lives need to know how much they are valued and appreciated by encouraging them to kick their feet up and not feel bad about what else they could be doing? Do the friends we treasure need a girls’ day of bonding and laughter? What would fill the hearts of those YOU love?

As a spa coordinator, I often see weary-eyed expressions as our guests walk into our safe-haven, and the glisten of hope in their eye when they tell me the service they are here to enjoy. The most fulfilling part of serving our guests at Simply Blissed is seeing the transformation of the expressions of the faces of moms who have finally had a moment to breathe and relax after meeting the constant demands of parenting, the business people who share that they haven’t felt this relaxed in ages and that they had forgotten what it felt like to be refreshed. I love listening to college students as they tell me how the weight of finals, expectations and unknown futures was lifted from their shoulders for a few hours—and the world of a difference it has made.

Oftentimes the best gifts we can give those we love are the ones that cannot be measured monetarily, but rather are immeasurable in the way they build up and support their health and well-being. The value of a gift is better measured by the level to which it enriches the recipient’s life—not the level to which it impacts our wallets.

Let’s find meaningful ways to help our loved ones recover from the stress incurred by the holidays, and find balance, joy and peace in their own lives, instead of simply adding to their belongings. By doing this, imagine the spring in their step and the energy they could release toward those goals they want to reach in 2015!

What are some of the inspirational, life-giving, and encouraging ways you plan to celebrate your unique relationships this week in honor of Valentine’s Day? What would be the best way someone could bless your life this Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas by commenting below!

Krista Bass – spa coordinator, Simply Blissed

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