Car accident? Relieve back and neck pain with massage.

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Being in a car accident is stressful. Your spine is fragile, and the sudden impact can cause pain in your back and neck for weeks or months after the actual event. Although many people see a chiropractor to heal from these injuries, massage is also a gentle, effective treatment.

How it (usually) works

Whether you’ve just been in a wreck, or have chronic pain from a previous accident, there is a normal process of seeking out massage therapy.

1. Meet with your doctor (general practitioner, naturopath, or chiropractor) to obtain a prescription for medical massage. Ask them to write a treatment plan that includes the number of massages, duration, and frequency.

2. Seek out a massage therapist who is trained in medical massage. This means they have the skills to address specific conditions related to accident injuries and chronic pain. A good massage practice will schedule out all of your prescribed appointments at once, so you don’t have the hassle of scheduling them individually.

3. Provide your massage therapist with your insurance policy number and claim number (or that of the at-fault driver). You’ll also provide them a doctor’s prescription for massage. They will use this information to verify your coverage.

4. When you show up for your first massage appointment, there are no out of pocket costs as the massage therapist will bill insurance on your behalf.

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How we’re different

Our massage practice is located in Salem, OR, where we treat our guests in a soothing environment. At Simply Blissed, our massage tables are warmed to your comfort. In addition to standard medical massage, we also use heat therapy at the start and end of your massage with a heated neck wrap and warm towels. These unique touches relax your muscles and aids in healing.

Note: The process described above is how most auto insurance covers massage treatment in Oregon. Be sure to contact your specific auto insurance for complete coverage details.

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