Dads and Grads…our living examples

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Jennie Pino, professional growth and development coach at Simply Blissed shares her thoughts about Dads and Grads.

 As summer quickly approaches, we invite you to take the opportunity to appreciate and recognize the dads and grads in your life. You wouldn’t think the two would have much in common, but they do. Each have modeled qualities that have made a positive impact on the lives of others whether recognized or not. What have you learned from him that has helped you grow and develop as a person? Join us as we reflect on dads and grads.

Self-improvement has become a thriving business. Think about it, how many self-help resources do you come across while browsing the bookstore, surfing the web and on social media? We could begin to think that without applying the newest self-help answers our personal development might be stunted. At the top of the bestsellers list right now is a book on organizing one’s own life. Many of us are quick to buy in especially when endorsed by our favorite celebrity. What’s good to remember is there are valuable keys to the growth and personal betterment we desire in the role models around us!

Dads and grads among us can be our living examples of positive influence, personal growth and self-sacrifice.Dads can live and breathe positive influence but do so with very little fanfare. Just watch the dad on the playground pushing his toddler on a swing, “One more underdog!” his child whoops. Dad’s been doing underdogs all afternoon and he might prefer to be watching the game at home or be tinkering in his workshop, but he has chosen to play with his child on the playground. Consider the dad that walks his daughter home from school, toting her Hello Kitty backpack and art projects. He may feel like he is not portraying a manly enough image by society’s standards, however, who he is in the eyes of his daughter is all that matters to him.

Students graduating this June have developed a capacity of character that comes from self-sacrifice, much like what we see in fathers around us. They have been brave enough to put their beliefs and values to the test, risking judgment and criticism, for the sake of expanded awareness and curiosity. Graduates set an example for us by pushing new ideas out into the world—a world which often does not roll out the red carpet to perspectives that question the way that things have always been done. When they walk across the stage on graduation day, they aren’t just handed a diploma. They are proud owners of a personal transformative experience.

What Dad and Grads model for us is strength in spirit. This strength cannot be cultivated overnight. Being a father is a wholehearted and time-intensive commitment to the wellbeing of his child and pays in dividends of connection, purpose and love. Being a graduate means a student committed the time, focus and money necessary to cultivate a mind that can learn and analyze, ultimately preparing the individual for a meaningful place to contribute their talents to the world.

These living examples get dirt under their nails as they dig in the garden for bugs, turning over every large rock for the sake of their child’s discovery. They sacrifice their social connections while pulling “all-nighters” prior to exams. Overall, they show us how to work hard and commit to the process. All around us there are dads and grads who deserve to be celebrated! Now’s is a great time to say, “Thanks Dad” or “well done, Grad.” Let us help you show them how appreciated they are. Their bliss awaits.