Forest bathing and changing seasons

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In spring, there’s always that one day when you notice the first mown grass and relax, knowing that bright daForest facialys are ahead. But what is the smell you connect with fall in the Willamette Valley? It might be warm cider from a local farm stand, perhaps the tang of rain on summer-parched soil, or the dusty fun of a corn maze.

If you’re a walker or hiker you know that the cooler, wetter weather of September and October transforms our parks and forests into mossy carpets in every shade of green. Although leaves fall and flowers fade, the forest is alive with new life as mushrooms spring up to balance the cycles of regeneration.

The smell of the wet forest has the power to soothe us. Perhaps you’ve heard of the centuries-old Japanese practice of forest bathing. Shinrin-yoku is the gentle art of slowing down enough to notice the colors, light, sounds, and fragrance of forest air. The many studies of Dr. Qing Li, author of Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness, show that spending time in the woods measurably reduces stress hormones, lowers blood pressure, and increases cancer-fighting processes. Trees emit phytoncides which increases specific white blood cells that help fight off inflammation and infection.

Of course, the spice in our coffee and our sweet treats are delicious, but consider seeking autumn’s natural fragrances. The sensory experience our beautiful planet provides for us holds one of the keys to happiness. Visit the trees and be sure to bring an umbrella.

A walk in the woods for your face
We’re so excited to offer you a new specialty facial called Pure Forest. In addition to our wonderful line of skin care products, Pure Forest combines the healing, hydrating snow mushroom with birch water for calmer skin. Both the masque and eye cream are like the fall forest–grounding, earthy and calming for both skin and spirit. [We even have a special giveaway of the new Stonecrop Fizzofoliant with purchase of two Pure Forest products.] If you can’t get to the forest, let us give you a Pure Forest facial, it’s like taking your face for a walk in the woods.

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