Giving the gift of bliss

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When you care about someone, you want them to feel their best. Giving the gift of spa time to someone you love says how much they mean to you. A gift card is permission to let down their hair and enjoy complete relaxation for an hour or more.


Everyone needs bliss


Simply Blissed is more than just a place for painted toes. Our guests are pampered from the moment they walk in the door—with friendly greetings, tea, and warm neck wraps. A frequent guest mentioned, “Any time my husband or son ask what I want, I ask for gift certificates at Simply Blissed. I’ve seen almost everyone there for services, and they do such a great job. It costs a little bit more, but you absolutely get what you pay for.” Time and again, our spa is a place where our guests trust us to help them replenish body and soul.


Free from worry and stress


The experience at Simply Blissed is unique because our gratuity-free policy allows our guests to have a completely nurturing experience, completely focused on them. We’re dedicated to service. Instead of worrying about having cash on hand or how much to tip, our guests enjoy their chosen treatments to the fullest.


Another guest told us recently, “The gratuity-free policy adds one more gold star to the thoughtful attention to detail and high-quality service at Simply Blissed. After all, the purpose of a spa visit is to relax.” People tell us all the time how much they love not having to worry.


The gift of choice


When you give a gift card from Simply Blissed, the grateful recipient gets to choose from all kinds of bodywork, facials, pedicures, manicures, and even organic body care products. This gift takes the worry out of guessing and allows your loved one to choose what they would enjoy the most.


If you’re not sure what to tuck into a special someone’s stocking or to celebrate a special occasion, Simply Blissed gift cards are the perfect choice. Come by the spa for a gift card or visit our website for gift certificates this holiday season.


We’re also offering a number of holiday specials this month—please visit our website to read more.

Happy Holidays!

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