Have you thanked your feet lately?

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If you think about feet at all, it’s likely about pain or which pretty color to put on your toenails. Most of us spend a lot more time focused on our shoes than the humble foot inside them. But even if you never think of them, we know your feet are amazing.

If your body were a car, your feet would be both the wheels and the engine. In fact, over your lifetime, you will walk more than 100,000 miles. They hold you up all day, carrying you through all kinds of activities. Standing, walking, cooking, or dancing, the nerves and muscles in your feet communicate with your brain, allowing this tiny surface area to maintain the balance of your whole body. Each foot has dozens of bones and ligaments that work in harmony to to keep you standing and moving at your command.
Foot massage in the spa salon in the garden
When you pay attention to your feet, you get so much in return. For example, stretching and exercise can increase balance and decrease pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis. Soaking your feet in Epsom salts boosts your magnesium level. You might be surprised to know foot massage can eliminate headaches and lower stress.

Foot massage can work wonders on the rest of your body, decreasing PMS symptoms, lowering blood pressure, and increasing circulation. Even Harvard Medical School recommends massaging, or using massage rollers on your feet. With a little investment of time you gain calm, relaxation, and renewed energy–just by paying attention to your two feet. Isn’t it time to give them a little TLC?

If you want some extra foot goodness this busy month, we’re offering a special foot treatment—Sole Serenity—in honor of our 10th anniversary. Your feet do so much for you, why not return the favor? Be sure to book your appointment before September 30 –. We hope to see you and your feet soon!

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