Helping you slow down this October

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Helping you slow down this October

When guests come into our spa, they often share with us about their lives. Many people are saying lately, “This year is going by so fast. I can’t believe it’s fall already!” Filled with activities, appointments, and errands, the days fly by so fast that we don’t even notice time passing.

Fortunately, autumn’s bright yellow leaves remind us of where we are on the calendar. Summer has ended, and the holiday season will be here in a little over a month. That makes October the perfect time to take stock. Before life gets crazy, reflect on what you still want to do in the last months of 2018. Maybe you have a project or friendship you want to give more attention. Perhaps you want to slow down your life a little to avoid catching a bug this upcoming cold and flu season.


When your life is busy, papers and projects can get shoved aside for “later.” Every year when trees start dropping their leaves, it reminds us to think about letting go. Spending a little time sorting and letting go of these old items makes space for the new. Like raking up the fallen leaves, letting go can make you feel lighter and more present. Fall is a great season to practice this.


Most of all (and you won’t be surprised by this), we think self-care is one of the best things to do before the holidays arrive. Preventing stress helps you enjoy the people and things you love even more.


So, whether you decide to take a stroll in the colorful leaves or visit the spa, we encourage you to do something today that helps you slow down and enjoy the present moment. Otherwise, it will be next year before we know it!


Autumn goodies for your skin


This fall, our Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque is back, and words cannot describe the yumminess. It smells just like warm pumpkin pie and is full of natural ingredients like pineapple, pumpkin puree, green tea, and avocado oil. On top of the amazing aroma, its benefits include beta carotene and A and C vitamins that make your skin glow and heal damage from summer sun.


The Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque is part of a full line of pumpkin-based products we are incorporating this fall—including a peel and a cream body wrap—the perfect remedy for damage recovery and seasonally-dry skin.

If you’d like some of the yum, schedule a facial online or give us a call to make an appointment. Either way, we hope you’ll stop by soon to enjoy the pumpkin goodness!

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