How To Create Space in Your Heart (and Why It Matters)

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Sometimes life feels full of toos. Too much going on. Too little free time. Too many to-dos. If your life is full of wonderful and important activities, you might find it challenging to imagine cutting anything out.

Until recently, our spa reception area was full of toos. The furniture was too big and too

clunky, and the space felt too crammed. After replacing our bulky couches with cozy-but-smaller pieces, suddenly moving around became easier, and there was more space sit comfortably. Now everything feels much lighter.


Getting rid of what’s unnecessary

Just like our big couches, the same idea applies to creating space in our emotional world. Consider the toos in your heart—worries, concerns, projects, and commitments. With too many of these, your heart can feel cluttered. You might find it hard to move around in the world. Less light gets in.

You do good things in the lives of those you love and in the world. By creating space in your heart, you can enjoy life even more.


Four steps to making space in your heart

Try these four steps to open up and feel more peace within:

  1. Notice what you carry in your heart. Observe what adds stress or frustration to your life. You may have worries or concerns that don’t bring you joy or satisfaction. How would you feel if you let go of one (or more) of these?
  1. Discern what matters most. What would you like to give your whole heart to—even if it’s not what everyone (including you) expects?
  1. Take a specific action. Based on your answers, you might discover you’re giving more of your heart and time to things you don’t love. It might be time to release some perfectly nice “emotional couches.” For example, you might decide to renegotiate a commitment, forgive a stuck issue, or resolve to stop comparing yourself to others. Given all your options, what action would create more space in your heart?
  1. Reflect on whether the action has the desired effect after a few days and again in a few months. Sometimes it takes a while to see and feel a result. Did the action you chose create more space in your heart—even a small amount—and allow you to enjoy what really matters to you?


Why creating heart space matters

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Releasing what doesn’t bring you joy or contentment makes room for new, more wonderful things to come into your life. When you let go of those “emotional couches”, there’s more space in your heart and room to breathe. Life becomes more peaceful and satisfying—not just for you, but also for the many people you encounter in your busy life.


The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear. Resentment or love. What will you plant?” ~ Joseph Campbell

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