How to make a DIY facial from whole, healthy foods

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How to make a DIY facial from whole, healthy foods
While a professional facial can address your specific skin challenges and leave you relaxed and glowing, sometimes a busy life gets in the way of dedicating an hour at your favorite spa. Whats a girl to do?

Using whole foods, you can create simple, effective DIY facials at home. Simply pull back your hair and open the cupboard for skin nourishment between professional sessions. We’ve collected four great DIY facial recipes for you to try.


Banana Breakfast Facial for Inflammation or Acne
If you remember the days of chicken pox, you’ll know that oatmeal is a time-tested skin soother. It has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease redness, swelling and irritation. Bananas’ acidity helps remove dead skin cells gently, while its vitamin E moisturizes and tones. Raw honey has antifungal properties that prevent breakouts. Together this three-ingredient facial creates softer, smoother skin.



Raw honey 1T

Banana ¼ mashed

Oatmeal 1T

Instructions: Blend the oatmeal in a food processor or blender to a fine powder. Mix the banana, honey, and oatmeal powder in a small bowl. Allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes. Add water if needed. Spread on skin in upward strokes. For extra moisture soak a washcloth in warm water, wring it, and leave over face. Let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse with light circular strokes and cool water.


Chocolate Dessert Facial for Restoration and Pampering
This facial is lick-your-lips delicious and nutritious for your skin. Cocoa powder has detoxifying caffeine which makes pores smaller. It also has bioflavinoids, a type of antioxidant that can prevent damage from UV rays. This two-ingredient mask is sticky, but leaves you with a soft, moisturized glow.



Honey 1T

Cocoa powder 1T

Instructions: Stir cocoa powder and honey until well-mixed, then add a few drops of water to make application easier. Avoiding the eye area (lips okay!), spread on skin in gentle upward strokes. Leave for fifteen minutes, then rinse with cool water and a cloth.


Avocado Snack Facial for Sun Damage and Ultra Hydration


This two-ingredient facial will leave your skin feeling youthful and looking nourished—perfect for dry skin. Plain yogurt (not sweetened) has lactic acid which removes dead skin cells. Avocado is packed with nutrients and natural oils to moisturize your skin and keep it healthy. You can apply this to lips because of the avocado oil.



Avocado 1 whole, ripe

Plain yogurt 1T

Instructions: Mash the avocado well, then add yogurt. Using upward strokes, apply to face, avoiding eyes. After fifteen minutes, remove with a cloth and cool water.


Tea Time Facial Scrub for Oily Skin


This facial scrub is great for oily skin. The naturally-occurring caffeine in tea rejuvenates and tightens skin. Tea is also full antioxidants to keep skin healthy and protect from sun damage. Baking soda draws out blemish-causing oils and acts as a mild exfoliant. Honey makes this three-ingredient scrub more spreadable and moisturizes without oil.



White or green tea brewed 1T (or 1T of tea powder + 2T water)

Baking soda 1T

A few drops of honey

Instructions: Mix ingredients together, adjusting for a spreadable consistency. Massage gently into skin for 5 minutes, avoiding the lips and eyes. Leave on for 5 additional minutes and then remove with water.


A note on DIY facial ingredients


For best results, use products that are local and raw (such as honey) and are produced without pesticides (banana, avocado, and oatmeal). We recommend stores like Natural Grocers and Lifesource Natural Foods in Salem, Oregon for a great selection of natural and organic foods.

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We love seeing you in our spa for your professional facials but for those times in-between, we hope you enjoy playing with these DIY facials at home. Make your own spa time with candles, calm music and your favorite scents. The next time you’re in, be sure to tell us how it went!

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