Intentional rest before autumn

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Dear Friends,

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September’s just around the corner. If you’ve planned to slow down and enjoy our gorgeous summer days but haven’t checked it off your list, now is the time. If you’ve been waiting for permission to ease up and relax, grant it to yourself without hesitation. To make it easier, we have a few ideas for making the most of your laid-back hours.

 Slow way down

Embrace single tasking. The benefits of slowing down to mind and body are great if, for example, you allow yourself to linger over a book, savor a meal, or vacation in just one place. Simplicity lowers stress and declutters your brain. If you’re a busy person, this slowness can feel challenging at first. It feels uncomfortable because it’s unfamiliar, but the feeling will pass. Then deep relaxation sets in.

Slowing down is an art form. There’s even a worldwide Slow Movement that encourages people to do things they enjoy without hurrying. Perhaps you’re familiar with the Slow Food practice of using locally grown produce to create flavorful, gorgeous meals meant for friends to linger over. You can bring that kind of intention to relationships with friends and family, a hobby, or pastime you enjoy this month. Slowing down is good for the soul!

 Create space

In our daily lives, it’s tempting to schedule one appointment after another to fit things in and even sacrifice sleep to keep it all together. In these last days of summer, try stretching out the time between activities. Try giving yourself twice as much time a

s you think you need just to see how this feels. Allow yourself to flirt with boredom. Spaciousness is a luxury you can afford.

When we’re not in a hurry to get to the next place, your life can feel more playful. Creating space on purpose makes room for serendipity—new discoveries and heartfelt connection—and the delightful experience of being where you are. Summer is the perfect time to practice creating spaciousness by doing less and enjoying it more.

 Do what fills you up

Ask yourself, “What makes me feel like myself again?” Think about activities that bring you joy, fulfillment and relaxation. For some, it means spending time with people we laugh with, care about, and who understand us. For others, it’s taking much-needed quiet time alone in a peaceful place. Sometimes you need a mix of both.

So, reflect for a moment: What situations make you take a deep breath and feel peaceful? In the remaining w

eeks of summer, commit to doing something restorative that makes you feel like yourself again. Autumn will soon be upon us and be busy enough—take time now to fill up and be good to yourself.

 Slowing down as summer turns to autumn

September, and all the new and exciting experiences that can come with it, will arrive whether we’re ready for them or not. The staff at Simply Blissed hope you make time and space for the activities that fill you up. Start making great memories of the last slice of summer today. And most of all—enjoy!

Your Bliss Awaits . . .

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