Medi spa facials vs holistic spa facials

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For as many people who receive facials, each one has her or his own reason for doing so. For some, facials are about creating younger-looking skin. This can include reducing wrinkles, eliminating dark spots and softening frown lines. For others, facials are intentional treatments focusing on reducing old acne scars and reducing pore size.

To get these results, estheticians use a variety of techniques, tools and treatments. It’s hard to know whether you want a medical spa or a holistic spa facial to get these results. If you’ve ever wanted healthier, more radiant skin, this article helps you understand the differences and which will work best for you.

Medi spa facial treatment
Spa massage for young woman with facial mask on face - indoors
One way to a younger-looking face is to remove the top layer of skin. This is what medspas specialize in.

Environment: Med spas have a clinical setting, which often have a certified medical professional on staff to authorize and oversee every medical procedure.
Pain: Procedures that involve chemically burning or dissolving the top layer of skin usually cause pain, redness and swelling.
Down time: Aggressive and invasive treatments make skin red and flaky, similar to a bad sunburn. You may be required to stay out of sunlight for up to two weeks while your skin heals.
Formulaic approach: Medispas generally provide one or two choices to support your skin-care goals.

Organic spa facials

Although facial experiences vary widely, the description below is how we do facials at Simply Blissed using Eminence Organic Skin Care products.

Environment: A relaxing experience that focuses on the whole person, and where a Licensed Esthetician massages organic product into your skin.
Results without chemicals: Reduced lines and blemishes results using products that rejuvenate your skin with organic, botanical ingredients. Licensed Estheticians use our proprietary massage techniques to tone and firm muscles.
Customized approach: We create a customized skin care regimen to help you see your goals realized every time you look in the mirror. We can choose from over 160 products that are bio-dynamic, organic and smell amazing!  Together, we’ll create a unique approach to support  ideals.

Results: Results are gentle and gradual.
Perishable product: Because our home care products are natural and plant-based, they have a 12-18 month shelf-life.
The tousled look: Our spa facials include a scalp massage, so your hair will sometimes be messy at the end.

Deciding between a spa facial and a med spa treatment for aesthetic changes is a personal choice. Consider the experience you want to have, the time you have available, and how you want to feel during and after the process. Salem, Oregon has lots of good options for medispas, and if you want a more relaxing, indulgent experience with great results, we hope you’ll check us out.

The Staff at Simply Blissed

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