Mother’s Day – a seasoned view

In Wellness by simplyblissed

Sandy, owner of Simply Blissed shares her thoughts as she prepares to welcome a new grand-baby.

As women whether you are a mother or not, it’s probable that you nurture something; a loved one, a pet, a business, a passion. As little girls we are born nurturers. We take care of our dolls. We care for our pets. We rescue fallen critters in the yard. We take in hurt and broken friends. We love. Indeed, we seek to love, to nurture. It’s how we’re designed.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and business owner I have a long list of people on which to bestow my devotion. It has been my highest honor to watch our two children as they’ve grown into the incredible young adults that they are today. Our son is married and they’ve given us three precious grandchildren. Our daughter and son-in-law are about to have their first child.

There’s something sacred about a mother watching her daughter become a mother. I’m mystified; Is this beautiful, graceful woman really my little girl, who was just yesterday playing teacher to her baby dolls, younger brother and a crowd of stuffed animals in her make-believe classroom? How is it that within what feels like mere moments she has transformed into the most amazing real-life elementary school teacher and will soon be bringing forth new life?

As she prepares to enter the magnificent world of motherhood with a son of her own I reflect on just how quickly time passes and what’s really important in life. As a grandmother it’s all about a new perspective. The only tiny hand prints that remain on the walls are the pink and blue ones captured when my children were 2 and 5 years old. They are preserved and framed under glass as a sentimental, albeit sappy, reminder that yes, time passes quickly. My new perspective has taught me that when new parents feel like the dirty diapers and sleepless nights will never end it really won’t be too long at all until infant cries transform into angelic voices that plead “just one more bedtime story, prayer or hug, and oh, please Mommy and Daddy, can’t I have just one more drink of water before I go to sleep?” Before they know it the scraped knees from learning to roller skate and the painful lego collisions with bare feet will be exchanged for choosing which instrument to play in band or orchestra or deciding which team sport they want to try. Swiftly, change happens again and they’ll be holding on for dear life as their precious offspring have traded in bicycle wheels for automobiles! Yes, it goes by quickly. So quickly! I cherish the by-gone years as the most delightful and richest season of life.

This Mother’s Day you’ll find me holding a beautiful new grandson. A boy called David (beloved) and, all humility aside, I believe the world will be much more beautiful because of his arrival. He will be loved, he will be kept safe and he will be well nurtured by a multitude of loving family and friends.

As I watch my children shower love on their own families I stand by ready to support, encourage, play, and perhaps, (only when asked), advise. I think being a grandparent is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I get to sit back, relax and enjoy witnessing the revelation my daughter and son-in-law will soon have as they experience firsthand the unfathomable depths of unconditional love parents have for their children. I’m over the moon as I anticipate witnessing the wonder of new life, the new discoveries that lie ahead, and once more seeing life thru the eyes of a new mother and a new child.

My daughter’s due date has come and gone. Now we wait and wonder when this little guy will choose to arrive. We all get to practice one of the first lessons of parenthood; no matter what we hope, expect or envision for our children they are individuals with their own plans, desires and unique life path to journey through. It’s our joyful gift to love, support and cheer them on and remember to let them be who they were created to be.
From my “seasoned” point of view, it’s clear to me that, regardless of the object of our devotion, our purpose is to love, to nurture and to grow in grace and gratitude.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sandy Green, Owner of Simply Blissed