Mother’s Day Blog 2014

In Food for Thought, Wellness by simplyblissed

I don’t think my Granny has ever eaten a hot meal. The woman’s backside never found a chair until everyone was scraping their plates with her buttermilk biscuits and asking what was for dessert with full mouths.

She’s 88 years old and has spent a lifetime cooking amazing and mouthwatering dishes for our family, their church, and their friends, preparing each meal from old fashioned things like “ingredients.”

Sometimes she used food that was sown and cultivated from their own garden to create a meal, sometimes she used items purchased from the Army commissary, and sometimes she purchased items from found change to create a meal. No matter the source, people were always fed and no one was ever turned away.

I remember the smell of baking bread filling up her house. Watching her knead the dough was like watching an artist. She would cut a slice for me and slather it with real butter. Excitedly I would swing my legs from the chair and impatiently wait for it to cool enough to eat. The perfection of bread and butter can never be overstated. The way it melts on your tongue… it’s like unconditional love. Granny would wink and wipe flour-covered hands on her apron; satisfied.

I miss the slow-paced life that baking bread seems to offer. My daughter has never seen me in an apron. But, that’s okay, every mom is different. Each mom has different gifts to offer. Granny showed her love through her cooking. And, bless her for it.

That gift did not carry through and it’s alright – God created phones and delivery people for moms like me. Funny thing though, my daughter can cook like nobody’s business – talents jump generations, I suppose.

Whatever way you show your family love, it’s the perfect way (slip-ups and all) because you’re unique and only you can use your gifts to their fullest potential!  You give them exactly what they need exactly when they need it in a way that only you can. So shine your light brightly.  As Marianne Williamson says,  “…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  What a great gift to give to your children, your parents, your business, your community ~ whatever it is that you nurture!

Happy Mother’s Day.