Moving from stress to simplicity

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Dazzle and impress with a beautiful manicure from Simply BlissedA Message from Sandy, Owner of Simply Blissed.

Can you feel it? Life’s minor stresses from home and work build so slowly that you may not even notice. But when life throws you more than your share of unexpected surprises – good and bad- stress levels spike and out comes your inner Mr. Hyde! If you feel tired, forgetful, or frazzled (or all three), you’re probably dealing with stress.

A lot of people assume that reducing stress means chilling out—just breathe, pray or meditate, do yoga, or just drink more tea. However, if you really look at the sources of stress, a lot of it comes from having too many choices.  The very act of making a decision—from what to have for lunch to where to go on vacation—can increase stress and deplete your energy. The world is an increasingly stressful place, giving us more choices than ever. I recently read a quote from David Allen, “Most of us have, in the past 72 hours, received more change-producing, project-creating, and priority-shifting inputs than our parents did in a month, maybe even in a year!”

Here’s the thing: if you can’t escape constant decision-making even momentarily, you can become really depleted. Simplifying is important. In my own life, this was a huge epiphany for me. I needed to make some changes, so I started escaping to my garden for stress relief. It’s amazing how simple and peaceful it is to dig my hands in the dirt, plant flowers, and listen to the sounds of nature. I even put up a hammock so I’d have a place outside the house to unplug and just look at the sky.

Simplifying your choices is deeply nourishing. When I started Simply Blissed, I thought a lot about how we could live up to our name. This inspired us to focus on simple choices that fill you up. We ask you simple things like whether you’d like water or tea for your beverage and if you’d like a warm neck pillow while you wait for your service. We even ask you to silence your phones during your visit so you can feel less harried and serene. People tell us all the time how calming it is here. It’s not a coincidence. We’ve thought a lot about how to make it simple for you.

Although we wish we could resolve all the sources of stress in your life, there’s at least one place you can retreat to where the experience is simple and nourishing. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy. Our hope (and our goal) is for to you leave our spa feeling blissed enough to face whatever is coming your way.

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