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There are many avenues to care for body, mind, and soul. In fact, there may be too many.

Every month we discover new trends in supplements and superfoods, discover a better way to heal, or read about expert hacks and articles on staying organized. How many times have we read about the benefits of putting down our smartphones? Whatever the issue we struggle with, someone usually has an answer (or five), with a handful of opinions tacked on.

It’s too much.

Feeling overwhelmed about choosing which solutions are “right” or “the best” is the opposite of self-care. Our disappointment when the product or solution fails (or our guilt for not following through) isn’t self-care either. For many reasons, we buy into the belief that we can be fixed and our problems solved with just the right solution. At Simply Blissed, we don’t believe in “fixing” something that’s not broken.

It’s important to remember is that self-care isn’t a trend, but a way of being.

Maybe what we need isn’t better options, but more breath. More space. Anything that brings us back into the present moment is true self-care. It could be something as simple as looking with kindness into a loved one’s eyes, or getting down on the floor to cuddle a pet, or putting your head on the pillow just a few minutes earlier each night.

Instead of adding something new, we encourage you to create simplicity in your self-care. What makes you take deep breath and let out a satisfying ahhhhh? Be curious about what you need. Focus on just one or two practices that truly nourish, and notice the difference in energy and peace.

The next time you learn about a great new solution or idea, take a breath. We believe that listening to and trusting yourself is the best way to creating a lasting, nourishing self-care practice.

The Staff at Simply Blissed

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