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Last month, we shared the Dark Side of Tipping and the stress it can cause when you’re coming to us for relaxation and nourishment. This topic was inspired by conversations with long-time guests. Many told us that tipping is the most uncomfortable part of the spa experience.

Although we normally don’t share the internal details of spa operations, we’re making an important change next year and we want you to be among the first to know.

Our big announcement:

Next year, Simply Blissed Day Spa will become a gratuity-free spa.  This is a fast-moving national trend in service related industries and we are proud to be a leader in Salem to implement this spa model.

When this change goes into effect on January 1, 2017, you’ll benefit directly by:

·       Having an easier,  simpler check-out experience

·       Enjoying your post-treatment bliss longer than ever

·       No longer worrying or feeling awkward about what the tip should be

·       Never again forgetting to bring cash

·       Being freed from last-minute complications, confusion and polish-ruining

·       Enjoying being the focus of the spa experience

This also means that if you receive several of our services in a single visit, you will no longer need to know separate prices of services in order to split a tip between providers. One simple payment will cover everything.

We aspire to serve you better:

This change to our tipping policy is part of a larger effort at Simply Blissed toward exemplary service and professionalism. Over the years, our guests have complimented us on how nurtured and cared for they have felt. That level of exceptional care will never change. Our warm, professional staff isn’t here for the tips; they’re here for you.

We’re creating new internal standards so you experience consistently exceptional service every visit.  We know you’re going to love the changes because we always strive to find new ways to live our motto: Simply because we care.

How our gratuity-free model works:

Starting on January 1, 2017, Simply Blissed will become a gratuity-free establishment.

As always, you’ll make your appointment by booking online at our website, calling the spa or booking your appointment in person while visitng the spa.  However, you will no longer write in a tip or leave cash for your provider when you pay at the end of your service.

Beginning January 1, our prices will reflect the average tip in our new, all-inclusive pricing. This means you’ll pay about the same as before, but without any of the hassle at the end.

Wellness made simple:simple-wellness-pic

Our staff is excited about the changes coming to our spa. Thank you for counting on us as a place you come to nourish, heal and restore yourself. Wellness is simple and blissful. If you have any questions, please let us know; we’re always open to your feedback.

We look forward to serving you more blissfully than ever.


Sandy Green, Owner, and the staff at Simply Blissed



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