The Dark Side of Tipping

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When you come in for a luxurious treatment at your favorite spa, you might hope to feel nourished, restored, and relaxed by the time you leave. However, sometimes the last few moments of your visit can be the most uncomfortable. The reason? Tipping.


Most spas (including ours) invite you to tip your service provider when you feel exceptional about the service you’ve received. We’ve thought a lot about the four reasons why tipping can be awkward—even when you want to do it.


Reason 1: Bliss evaporates when the mental calculator kicks in. We call the blissful state you get from good bodywork “Massage Brain.” When you’re relaxed from your massage, asking you to do tip-related math at checkout feels wrong to us. We want you enjoy your “Massage Brain” as long as possible. We’ve seen our guest’s bliss evaporate as the mental calculator kicks in.


Reason 2: Tipping is confusing. You might wonder: How much is enough? Can I leave cash? Where do I put it? What was my practitioner’s name again? In less-reputable spas, you might wonder whether the practitioner receives all of her tip. Confusion is one of the dark sides of tipping.


Reason 3: Tipping can be uncomfortable. Many people fear seeming stingy or selfish if they tip under a certain percentage. Interestingly, research shows that most people tip based on feelings of obligation, rather than on true satisfaction. If you only tip because you think you should, it’s uncomfortable.


Reason 4: Tipping can bring guilt. Many people assume that tips are essential to a practitioner’s livelihood. What if they rely on this money, and I don’t tip enough? You might feel guilty or uneasy with whatever amount you leave. Or worse if you forget to bring cash.


All four of these of these tipping-related issues come down to the darkest aspect of all: stress. When you go to a spa, being stressed is the opposite of how we want you to feel. Ideally, a spa experience is a nourishing escape from the rest of life’s pressures.


Our goal is bliss

At Simply Blissed, we think a lot about how to make your experience positive and blissful. We want you to be free of stress when you visit us. In the months ahead, we will be making some changes to our tipping policy to ensure that you have a blissful experience on every visit—including the moment when you pay. Thank you for counting us as a place you come to nourish yourself.

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