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The gentle art of soul care

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Something is missing from the self-care trend. Of course, eating healthier, moving more, and looking your best are great goals. It’s important to feel good inside and out. However, a lot of self-care tips and practices focus on things you should be doing. But, as the saying goes, you are not a human doing, you’re a human being.

The missing piece is both simple and challenging: becoming present.

Self care often focuses on what you should do (drink water, practice gratitude, get 10,000 steps per day). Soul care is about how you be. It’s simple because you don’t have to do anything differently except to be present in the moment. For example, if you’ve ever eaten a healthy meal but not tasted a single bite, you have an opportunity to slow down and really savor the flavors and textures of this food. You’re still eating, but the whole experience changes.

A lot of people experience this disconnect because Western culture values work over nearly everything else. There’s an often unspoken pressure to take action and produce results—sometimes to the detriment of the softer, spiritual parts of the self. You might see this in your life as you hurry through activities that should feel good but end up leaving you harried. For example, you get to your massage on time, but then spend it thinking about what’s next on your list. Most people aren’t aware of this work-is-good mindset, but it can make you feel tired and empty.

Soul care is the art of being where you already are. To bring presence to the nourishing things you’re already doing, take a mindful, deep breath. Pause a moment to feel your feet touching the ground. Get quiet enough to let your five senses bring awareness back into your body. You can do this anytime and wherever you are.

Practicing this gentle kind of soul care can increase your feelings of connection with others and banishes loneliness. Being present helps cultivate awareness of the abundance in your life and increases genuine gratitude for its many blessings. All it takes is pausing for a breath, and deeply exhaling, waking to the miracle of this moment.

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