The secret to a refreshing night’s sleep

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You might usually think of blue as a “cool” color, but blue light sparks your brain awake, increasing your alertness, heart rate, and cortisol (a stress hormone). As the sun comes up each morning, its natural blue light comes causes you to rise and shine. But at night, blue light is not your friend.

Artificial sources of blue light are everywhere—from fluorescent bulbs and LEDs, to screens on phones and laptops. If you’re not sleeping well, blue light might be the reason. The shorter wavelengths of the spectrum rainbow tell your brain it’s time to wake up—even at night. According to the National Institute of Health, blue light suppresses production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. One study showed that exposure to moderate blue light 30 minutes before bed delayed deep sleep by 30 minutes.

Blue light therapy

The secret to a refreshing night’s sleep

On a dark morning, exposure to blue light can actually help you wake up and feel invigorated. Spending time in bright light can boost your mood and help regulate circadian rhythms for better sleep. For those who struggle with seasonal slumps, blue light shines. It has been found to be as effective as white light to relieve seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The challenge with blue light is that most people are over-exposed. As you’ve probably experienced with ultraviolet light, the more time in the sun, the worse the burn. The same holds true for blue light and your eyes. A study at the University of Toledo found that blue light harms crucial cells and can result in permanent damage to vision.

Don’t feel blue! Consider these options to help protect your eyes and improve your sleep:Spend less time looking at screens (phone, TV, computer, etc.)

  • Practice leaving screen-based devices out of the bedroom entirely
  • Use filter apps that block out blue light on your phone and computer
  • Replace standard CF light bulbs with ones that emit less blue light, especially in bedrooms
  • Use red nightlights and red clocks for the least sleep disruption
  • Reduce sources of blue light two to three hours before bed.
  • Wear glasses or anti-reflective coating that block blue light

With helpful tools and a little planning, you can enjoy deeper sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow!


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