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Waxing Services

Lay back and relax, waxing services have never been so comfortable! We use organic products to clean, prep and treat the waxed area. Every facial waxing service is finished with an SPF powder to reduce redness.

waxing services

Special care is given to select the proper waxing product for each client based on individual needs. Our products are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

As density and growth patterns of hair can greatly affect the amount of time and product necessary, the pricing below reflects an average or starting point for most clients. Ideally, hair growth should be approximately one-quarter inch long. 

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Treatment Process

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Treatment Description Pricing
Brow Design Wax and shape your eyebrows. $32 - Gratuity Free Price
Brow Design with Tint Wax, shape and tint your eyebrows. $42 - Gratuity Free Price
Brow and Lip Waxing services for your eyebrows and upper lip. $37 - Gratuity Free Price
Brow, Lip and Chin Waxing services for your eyebrows, lip and chin. $42 - Gratuity Free Price
Underarms Waxing services for your underarms. $30 - Gratuity Free Price
A la carte waxing services Does not include eyebrows or large areas - priced per area. $15 per area - Gratuity Free Price
Half arms Waxing services for half of each arm $42 - Gratuity Free Price
Full Arms Waxing services for full arms. $58 - Gratuity Free Price
Half Legs - Lower Leg or Upper Leg Waxing services for half of each leg $55 lower legs $60 upper legs - Gratuity Free Price
Full Legs Waxing services for full legs. $78 - Gratuity Free Price
Bikini Bikini line waxing services. $50 - Gratuity Free Price
Bikini Plus Waxing services for bikini area (includes more hair removal than standard bikini) $60 -Gratuity Free Price
Toes and Top of your Feet Waxing services for your toes and the top of your feet. $20 - Gratuity Free Price
Brazilian Wax Just the best Brazlillian Waxing service in town $95 - Gratuity Free Price
Brazilian Maintenance Brazlilian Maintenance after the initial Brazlilian (within 4-6 weeks) $70 - Gratuity Free Price

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