What Nourishes You Most?

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Did you know that everyone receives love differently? What feels loving to you might not match even your closest friends and family. Gary Chapman’s revolutionary books about love languages show that couples and parents express love in five unique, specific ways. They are:

  • Words of affirmation: Expressing sincere gratitude, admiration, and praise5-love-lang
  • Acts of service: Doing useful tasks, helpful actions, and thoughtful gestures
  • Receiving gifts: Giving thoughtful gifts that reflect the recipient’s values and interests
  • Quality time: Being fully present in shared activities and giving undivided attention in conversation
  • Physical touch: Offering intentional, caring contact with body and skin


Everyone is different

Of these five “love languages,” every person has a preferred way (or ways) being shown love. The list above might help you discover which you prefer most. Some will fill you up and others—while nice—won’t feel especially loving to you. There is no right or wrong, just different things that touch our hearts. This list might also give you insight into the ways your closest beloveds (spouse, children, friends) prefer to be shown love.


The radical gift of being present

No matter what your preferred kind of love is, the common theme is presence. In other words, as the receiver, you are receiving full attention from the gift-giver. As the giver, you offer yourself fully. This is radical act. In our busy and sometimes hectic world, giving the gift of full attention can fill the heart and soothe the soul.

Believe it or not, we think a lot about love at Simply Blissed. On the surface, a spa experience might seem like a superficial activity, but for us, it’s much more than skin deep.

We believe that caring for you brings a deeper meaning to life. Ichak Kalderon Adizes quote captures it best: “To serve others unconditionally, with all your heart, enrich[es] others’ lives to make your own life worth living.”


Love as a lifelong practice

While we know you’re here to receive a specific service, we also want for you to experience being cared for and being cared about. It is a privilege and our desire to play this meaningful role in your life. This is what we strive for when you visit our spa. We recognize the trust you put in us.

Because of this intention, our employees’ words and actions come from a place of love—whether giving massage, facials, pedicures, or making appointments. In bringing our whole heart to your service, you leave with pretty toes or more limber muscles, but also with an experience of love in action. That’s simply why we’re here.


More love every day

If you’re curious about learning more about the five love languages, we recommend taking the online test Discover your love language on Chapman’s website the 5 love languages. This tool can help you experience as much love in life as possible. That’s our wish for you!

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