Winter Solstice

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The long, dark nights of winter are here again. While you might groan at the lack of sun here at the 45th parallel, this time of year is special. Deep winter brings both the opportunity for quiet rest and the promise of light returning.

 While it’s human nature to “curse the darkness,” research shows how good for you it can be. Studies reveal that people who spend time in total darkness sleep better, have stronger immune systems, and feel less stressed. Having the lights on all the time can have a negative effect on health—a motivating reason to block sources of light in your sleeping areas. Fortunately, nature is on your side as the sun starts setting mid-afternoon. With a little discipline (going to bed earlier, for example), you can enjoy the benefits of darkness and truly restore during this season of shorter daylight hours. 
Even as you endure the darker days, the light of hope is shining everywhere. On the winter solstice (this Saturday, Dec 21), the earth begins its journey back toward the sun and longer days. With flickering flames and twinkling lights, people around the world celebrate the many holidays of this season. You may feel a glow inside of you as you reminisce on holidays past and gather with loved ones.   Many people traditionally set an intention for the new year, finding inspiration and optimism in a fresh start.  Even on the longest, darkest nights, hope lives. 
This month is a good time to pause and recall the blessings of the past year before launching into the new one. We at Simply Blissed are thankful to be a part of your life. This season, we wish you nourishing rest and for hope to shine in your life in the coming year. Want a little extra sparkle this season? If you want to glam it up for the holidays, try a lash lift, a spa service that gives your lashes extra curl. Look bright-eyed and fresh faced with no extra effort, click here to schedule a service.

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