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We’re Moving – But only next door

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Many of you may already know…we have some very exciting developments going on behind the scenes – Simply Blissed Day Spa is moving to a new home! sd No need for worry about where we are going since our new location is conveniently positioned RIGHT NEXT DOOR in the large building to our north –  yes that’s right…right next door!   We hope our new …

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The gentle art of soul care

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Something is missing from the self-care trend. Of course, eating healthier, moving more, and looking your best are great goals. It’s important to feel good inside and out. However, a lot of self-care tips and practices focus on things you should be doing. But, as the saying goes, you are not a human doing, you’re a human being. The missing …

Winter Solstice

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The long, dark nights of winter are here again. While you might groan at the lack of sun here at the 45th parallel, this time of year is special. Deep winter brings both the opportunity for quiet rest and the promise of light returning.  While it’s human nature to “curse the darkness,” research shows how good for you it can …

October Oasis

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Between two typically busy seasons, October is like an island. The month before October has all the back-to-school energy, hype to get organized, and grasping at the waning days of fair weather. For many people, it’s the months after October that are really full and stressful (even if filled with delights). It’s too soon to talk about them just yet. …

Forest bathing and changing seasons

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In spring, there’s always that one day when you notice the first mown grass and relax, knowing that bright days are ahead. But what is the smell you connect with fall in the Willamette Valley? It might be warm cider from a local farm stand, perhaps the tang of rain on summer-parched soil, or the dusty fun of a corn …

5 summer skin hydration tips

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Every time the seasons change, your skin must adjust. Our guests have been telling us how dry their skin feels lately. If you’ve noticed this too, we have some tips and suggestions to make your skin feel healthy and look radiant this summer. Hydrate: Even if you’ve heard this a million times, drinking a cup of water per hour during …

The secret to a refreshing night’s sleep

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You might usually think of blue as a “cool” color, but blue light sparks your brain awake, increasing your alertness, heart rate, and cortisol (a stress hormone). As the sun comes up each morning, its natural blue light comes causes you to rise and shine. But at night, blue light is not your friend. Artificial sources of blue light are …

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Bringing You Spring Cheer

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With the official start of spring nearly here, you might feel new energy as the sun returns with the promise of a fresh start. The most wonderful things about spring come through your five senses. The rainbow of early-blooming flowers are a feast for the eyes. The morning skies are full of birds singing love songs. The relaxation of warm …

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5 tips to care for winter skin

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Winter is here again. That means your skin feels itchy and dry, absorbing lotion like a sponge. The culprit? Central heating and cold weather that make everything desert-dry, inside and out. Because we want you to get relief, here are five helpful tips to care for winter skin. 1. Get hydrated: Greet the day with a tall glass of water. …

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4 ideas for choosing the perfect gift

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Each year, you probably have people on your list who are hard to shop for. Instead of struggling, we offer you four tips for delighting those you love. Share the fun: Whether it’s a painting class or winery tour, hot air balloon ride or other fun adventure, spending time with a friend is a gift in itself. Think about what …